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Schedule for 2018!

Opening Weekends beginning:

Memorial Day Weekend

  May 26-28

Daily (closed Tuesdays):

Thursday, June 14th thru Wed,  August 22nd.

Open Weekends Thru Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2018

Pool HOURS 12PM to 7 PM (8PM On Saturdays)

Weekly, closed Tuesdays

May be modified due to weather
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Greystone Community Pool of Waterford, Virginia, is the place for spontaneity and serendipitous fun. This local watering hole, our very own puddle in the woods, unites friends and family and links the community.

Young and old appreciate a place to cool-off on a hot summer's day.  From the opening dive on  Memorial Day weekend to the closing, "Who let the Dawgs Out?" Labor Day party, the pool is the place to be for revolving play dates and parents chatting on deck.

Greystone is homegrown---from our lifeguards, who grew up in our community, to our water source (Catoctin Creek).  Greystone's maintenance is also homegrown and community-based. The oldest operating pool in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Greystone is membership supported, open to all on a first come, first served basis and is limited to 60 family and 5 individual memberships. Swim lessons are available on an appointment basis. The pool can be rented for special occasions after normally scheduled hours.

"Summerdipity" in Waterford means a mixture of spontaneity and serendipity.  Come take a dip into summer at Greystone Community Pool. 

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